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Celia's Carpet Care

Based in Arizona & Serving the Entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Ken Celia started his carpet cleaning endeavor going solo in 1994. Fast forward to the 21st century, and with years of carpet cleaning experience behind him, Ken has decided to get back into the business and thus further this endeavor—this time, with a dedicated team.

Celia's Carpet Care is committed to excellence in residential and commercial cleaning. With our powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning units, and dual-process, deep cleaning methods (pre-inspection, pre-spotting/spraying, deodorizing, shampooing, then steaming & vacuuming), we will guarantee that your carpets and upholstered fabrics are thoroughly cleansed & restored—bringing life back and ensuring further longevity through proper care & maintenance.

Reach out to us any time for your cleaning needs!

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